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Aiku Theme Song - Rebecca Sertic
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The crew is in cryosleep, and they're in danger.

There has been a fuel-related emergency aboard the R.V. Minerva.


The crew is in cryosleep, bound for a distant asteroid.

As the ship's "caretaker bot," you are responsible for allocation of the now-precious energy reserves. Solve puzzles by powering different objects around the ship, and enter simulations created from the crewmembers' memories. Your task is to allocate all power to the crew life support systems, in the hope that they will be kept alive until rescue. But what if all the power on the ship simply isn't enough?

Aiku is the culmination of Columbia College Chicago's 2018 large team game capstone course - a nine-month collaborative project involving over forty students. These students, full of passion for games, work together to create a game in which showcases talent, skill, knowledge and love for games.  

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